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Mazda Front grill LED emblem

Mazda Front grill LED emblem

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Mazda Front Grill LED emblem

LED Illumination: The emblem is equipped with LED lights that emit a bright and vibrant glow. The LEDs come in three distinct colors: white, red, and blue.

Mazda Logo Design: The emblem is crafted in the shape of the Mazda logo, providing a customized and branded appearance for your vehicle.

Material and Build: The emblem is likely made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and resistance to various weather conditions. It is designed to withstand exposure to sunlight, rain, and other environmental factors.

3M Super Strong Adhesive: Installation is made easy with the inclusion of 3M super strong adhesive on the back of the emblem. This adhesive is known for its robust bonding properties, ensuring a secure attachment to the front grille.

Easy Installation: The product is likely designed for straightforward installation, allowing car enthusiasts to upgrade their vehicle's appearance without the need for professional assistance.
Multi-Color Options: The three color options, white, red, and blue, provide versatility, allowing you to choose the color that best complements your vehicle's overall aesthetic or matches other lighting features.

Enhanced Night Visibility: The LED lights not only contribute to the vehicle's visual appeal but also enhance visibility during nighttime driving, making your Mazda more noticeable on the road.

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