Frequently asked questions about neon signs


How long does it take from the moment of ordering to receiving the neon sign?

From the moment of payment for the neon sign order, it is sent to production which takes 2-4 days, as soon as the sign is ready, it is packed and sent by express, this delivery takes a maximum of 14 days.

How much does a neon sign cost?

The price varies depending on the size and design, but these are the approximate prices:

Small sign - estimated cost of 150$-200$
Standard sign - estimated cost of 250-400$ 
A large sign - estimated cost of 420$ or more

Can you do any design?

Our neon signs are according to the contours of your design. Whether it is text / logo / any illustration/drawing. From the moment you send the idea - you will receive an accurate sketch that our designers will adapt to make the sign.
Neon Sign

How do you hang a neon sign?

During production, holes are drilled in the neon sign in order to have something to grab onto.
The neon sign comes ready to hang with several options for hanging - drilling decorative screws or hanging with a special chain. (Both types of hanging come together with the neon sign). 

How do you connect to electricity? 

The remote is connected with a normal power cable (small remotes can be connected via USB - of your choice) and it is possible to control the turning off and on and the light intensity of the neon sign using a remote control.

Does the sign not shine too bright?

There are times when it definitely shines too strongly, that's why we provide a dimmer and a remote to control the light intensity from 10 percent intensity to 100 percent so that you can adjust to your need.
Now that we have everything figured out, let's make a neon sign!
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