Everything you need to know about neon signs

Personalized Neon Signs

With Light X Night's special neon signs that are created using innovative technology and handmade, you can light up any space in a customized way for any style.

We can turn any design/ drawing/ text/ illustration/ logo into a creation of extraordinary lighting!

What comes with each neon sign?

Each case of neon signs comes with the maximum accessories in order to make it the most convenient and practical to assemble/hang the sign in the best possible way.
In the marketplace comes:
-Power Supply
-Brightness Controller
-Set of screws with a chrome cover
-Hanging chain
The box is packed in the safest way possible so that the shipment arrives intact (full wrapping of the neon sign in bubble warp, and a hard box).

How to install the neon sign?

The installation of neon signs is carried out in three ways:
1. Hanging chain - after manufacturing a neon sign, we make calculated holes in them so that it will be possible to connect the chain in two directions and there will be balance in the hanging. (just like hanging a simple mirror)

2. Screws and dowels - with every order of a neon sign you will also receive a set of screws with dowels and decorative covers for the screws.
In neon signs we make holes for these screws, so all that remains is to drill the holes correctly in the wall and attach the neon sign.

*Small neon signs can be hung on two screws


3.For small neon signs, you can use a high-quality double-sided adhesive (your choice) it will do the job.

Pochita Neon Sign

In what colors can a neon sign be designed?

The neon signs are produced using LED strips and special neon rubber and the available colors for the signs are:

neon colors