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Light X Night, WHO?

First of all welcome to Light X Night, you must be asking yourself who we are and what is going on here?
We are Light X Night a team that strives to find the craziest vibes in the world and make them accessible in the best way and every person, what does that even mean?

You know when you are sitting in a restaurant or even a garage and you start yawning, you realize that something is missing, that this white light shines in your eyes and everything looks the same, too boring and ordinary and let's be honest being ordinary these days is really boring!
So one day we said...let's bring these boring places to a new peak, a colorful new spirit of life that brings with it something new and different that there isn't much of and it's a shame there isn't.
A new and lively atmosphere and colors that directly introduce a different vibe that makes you enjoy staying in a certain place.

In 2020, Corona Virus, it was particularly noticeable - we sat at home for a long time and realized that the place needed to be revived, and we immediately started working and developing something that would change the world for people. And that's how our first projectors were created - Nebula & Aurora, to say that people fell in love with them is to say nothing, and it brought us strength to continue developing and growing!

Today, the work does not stop and we have conquered the world of neon signs and ambient lighting and we are only looking forward to the development of this world full of colors, all for this thing called - Vibes!, everyone wants it, everyone needs it.
You are invited to browse our website, enrich your knowledge in the field of lighting, and enjoy the highest quality and widest catalog in the world!

Light X Night Light Up Tomorrow, Today!

Collaboration with Don Toliver

In February 2023, the album "Love Sick" by Don Toliver was released with a special cover where you can see our neon sign that will be the identifying symbol of the album!

Love Sick Neon Sign
Kiss My Airs Led Neon Sign, Kiss My Airs Neon Lights, Light X Night Kiss My Airs Neon Sign

Neon signs of the top

Here you can find neon signs of the biggest brands in the world, which are handmade especially for you!

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BMW M Led Neon Sign, BMW M Neon Light, BMW M Neon Sign, BMW Light, BMW M Lighting, BMW Decor

The whole car world is here

As fans of cars, we have brought to life dozens of familiar signs from this world

Cars Neon Signs

Create an atmosphere

We have put together dozens of products for you so that you can create the perfect atmosphere for you at home,

Minimum electricity, Maximum vibe

Let's Create Atmosphere