Accuracy and precision, New generation neon signs

Accuracy and precision, New generation neon signs

Accuracy and precision, new generation neon signs are something we are proud to take the upper hand on, the visible improvement and uncompromising quality.

Hello, we are Light X Night, an international lighting company whose main specialty is neon signs, which have recently become more popular than ever. After being popular in the 40s of the last century, they are returning nowadays to a trend and an item that must be in every business and home on the wall, ask why?
There are a few simple reasons for this:

Distinctive Aesthetics:
Neon signs have a distinctive and timeless aesthetic that can instantly elevate the visual appeal of any space. Whether it's a welcoming sign at the entrance of a business or an artistic piece in a home, neon signs add a touch of retro charm and uniqueness.

Customization and Personalization:
One of the significant advantages of neon signs is the ability to customize them to suit specific preferences. For businesses, this means having a unique and eye-catching sign that reflects the brand personality. In homes, neon signs can be personalized to convey a favorite quote, symbol, or even a family name, adding a personal touch to the decor.

Effective Branding for Businesses:
Neon signs are highly effective for businesses as they serve as a powerful branding tool. A well-designed neon sign can make a business stand out, enhance brand recognition, and attract customers. The vibrant colors and distinctive glow create a memorable impression, helping businesses to establish a strong visual identity.

Creates a Welcoming Atmosphere:
In both homes and businesses, neon signs have the ability to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The soft, ambient glow of neon light can be especially effective in setting a mood or ambiance, whether it's a cozy corner in a living room or the entrance of a hospitality establishment.

Versatility in Design:
Neon signs come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, offering great versatility in design. This allows them to complement various interior styles or align with specific branding elements for businesses. The flexibility in design means that neon signs can be adapted to fit the unique character of any space.

 During our existence as a neon sign company, we produced hundreds of neon signs using the new technology based on LED lighting and neon tubes.

And proud to show you our improved accuracy compared to our old neon signs:


Nike Neon Sign


BMW M Neon Sign
Mercedes AMG Neon Sign
GTR Neon Sign

At Light X Night we provide the service to design a neon sign according to your request, for a personal design click here

And of course be impressed by our neon sign collections:

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